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We found the following links useful:
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The California Native Plant Society home page. The C.N.P.S. is a non–partisan, extremely effective all–volunteer organization with chapters in all parts of the state dedicated to native plants. They sponsor talks, research and actions designed to encourage the appreciation and protection of our natural flora and ecosystems. If you are concerned about our flora, you cannot get more "oomph" for your dollar or minute of time than by joining C.N.P.S.
Our local C.N.P.S. chapter (Redbud, covering Nevada and Sierra counties) website. We have frequent meetings and field trips, opportunities to help out, and twice–yearly plant sales that feature native and Mediterranean plants (including our bulbs). The spring sale is usually held at the Sierra Community College site in Rocklin, the autumn sale at the Sierra Community College site in Grass Valley. You will not only be able to buy beautiful plants with low water needs, but the sales are an important source of support for the local chapter programs, and this is a painless way to contribute. This is a very friendly and knowledgeable group of people, you will have fun! You can contact your local chapter through the state organization above.
This organization has many seed–saving ideas and equipment. We find their double–seal seed storage containers in various sizes to be the very best. These containers will last the rest of your life! Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, P.O.B. 170, Earlysville, VA 22936 (804) 973-4703 .
Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, based here in Grass Valley, has been supplying organic gardeners and farmers for 25 years with everything they need to succeed, no matter what their scale, from packets to truckloads. They have a comprehensive and educational mail–order catalog, produced once a year, with a Fall Supplement. These guys are both friendly and extremely knowledgeable. 110 Spring Hill Drive, P.O.Box 2209, Grass Valley, CA 95945. 1-888-784-1722 toll free.
The International Bulb Society, whose purpose is to disseminate useful information about bulbs from around the world. Membership benefits include seed exchanges, a newsletter (Bulbs), regular publications (Herbertia), discussion forums, meetings and exhibitions, and book reviews.
North American Rock Garden Society, which encourages the study and cultivation of wildflowers that grow well amongst rocks, whether such plants originate above the tree line or at lower elevations. Membership benefits include Rock Garden Quarterly, a seedlist, and book service. They also publish their own books (they have a great one on North American lilies, including propagation tips). The seeds of many native bulbs are available here.
A native plant nursery in central California that is a really excellent source of information on gardening with natives.
A native bulb nursery on the north coast of California that has a great selection of bulbs, from California natives to South African. Run by Diana Chapman.
Greg Greger and his wife sell native plants seeds responsibly hand–collected from 500' to 8000' in and around Plumas County, CA.
Greg will tell you the general location and elevation of his seed; very helpful to know!

Note: Ron Ratko of Northwest Native Seed has retired, unfortunately. We miss him.
This site has precipitation maps for each of the United States. You need a color printer for useful printouts.
For Northern California, click:
For Southern California, click:
For Oregon, click:
Visit with Louise Lacey, who also publishes the print magazine "Growing Native", a periodical devoted exclusively to growing California Native plants. The website is more on the philosophical side, while the magazine leans towards the nitty-gritty. Both the website and magazine are great resources; if you're new to the field and keen, this is for you. If you think you already know it all, prepare to be surprised!
Reny Parker has built a wonderful native wildflower photo site, with a strong emphasis on Northern California species. The photos are linked to a database, which means you can search by common name or scientific name for your favorites. She has also included excellent gardening information.
California Native Plant Link Exchange. This is an incredible resource if you are looking for California Native plants of all kinds. Well organized, fast, with links to photographs, sources, geographical areas where found, and much more. For any given plant, it even tallies how many other sources there are in the database.
Plants For A Future is a very useful site if you want to know some detailed uses of plants and parts of plants.
If you are interested in permaculture, this is a very good starting place. The site is organized by the publishers of Permaculture Activist magazine, PO Box 5516, Bloomington, IN 47407. Both Nancy and Ames have received Permaculture Design certificates after completing a course with the Regenerative Design Institute , and are interested in integrating native bulbs into Permaculture landscapes.
Lastly, this is a very useful link for everyone: how to deal with spam. Extremely practical—you will definitely learn something here, and maybe even save your sanity!


We are interested in expanding our links to other web sites that are focused on California native plants, bulbs, low–water use gardening and related subjects. Please contact us (the information is on our "About Us" page) if you can recommend a site or if you'd like to link to our site.
Thanks for your help.



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