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CHLOROGALUM (click on the photograph to get more information)

C. pomeridianum

Common Name: Common Soaproot

The large, fibre–coated bulbs of this species were used by Indians for soap. Produces basal rosettes of attractive, blue–green, wavy leaves. Sends up tall, widely– branched flowering panicles with a delicate appearance. The white flowers are moth pollinated and are best appreciated when they open late in the day. Our seeds were collected from sites in the foothills of Yuba and Nevada counties below 2800'

Note: you should know that although our bulbs are already at least 4 years old, they are unlikely to flower for many years, although we have been told that adding organic matter considerably reduces the time you have to wait for flowering, as well as planting them several feet apart. We estimate that the fist–sized flowering bulbs we find on construction sites around here are a minimum of fifteen years old. Although you'll enjoy beautiful foliage every year, flowering is for the future!

We sell bulbs grown from northern stock and southern stock. Please specify which you want.

Bulbs: Northern, $2.00 each, southern $3.00 each.

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