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BRODIAEA (click on any picture to get more information)

B. appendiculata

Common Name: Appendaged Brodiaea

Uncommon, found growing in grasslands and open woodlands of lower Sierra foothills down to the Valley floor. This form has striking, deep rose-purple flowers on stems to 18" high. Prefers gravely clay soil and full sun. Grown from seed collected in lower foothills near Camp Far West in Yuba County.

Bulbs: $2.50 each.

B. californica
B. californica

(pink and white)

Common Name: California Brodiaea

This selection is from Tehama County, where it is found in sunny, hot soils of basaltic origin. Flowers are unusual shades of white and pink on stout stems. Blooms from June to late July.

Bulbs: $3.00 each.


B. elegans

Common Name: Elegant Brodiaea, Harvest Brodiaea

The most common Brodiaea throughout much of California. Loves sun and heat. Dark violet–blue flowers on stems 8 to 24" tall, in late spring to mid summer. Seeds from northern Sierra Nevada foothills at 1600 to 2500'.

Bulbs: $2.00 each. SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR 2013

B. purdyi

Common Name: Purdey's Brodiaea

Delicate appearance with narrow petals in shades of blue and lavender with a ventral white stripe on 6 to 8" stems. Blooms in early to midsummer, fond of sun and heat. Seed collected from Yuba and Nevada county foothills, 1800 to 2400'. Plant them where you can appreciate them up close, such as a rock garden.

Bulbs: $2.00 each. SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR 2013


B. minor

Common Name: Minor Brodiaea

Colors pale bluish to lilac. Often associated with vernal pools on the Central Valley floor and grass lands at the edge of the Foothills, together with B. appendiculata, D. multflorum and T. hyacinthina. Loves the sun! Plant where you can appreciate them up close, grows to 6" tall. Tolerates heavy clay soils.Seeds collected from Yuba County 40–100'.

Bulbs: $2.50 each. SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR 2013

B. sierra
e (formerly californica)

Common Name: California Brodiaea

The largest and tallest of the Brodiaeas, with violet to blue showy flowers blooming from June to August, on stems 24" or more high. Found growing in gravely clay grasslands at the lower elevations of N. California. Grown from seed at several locations in Yuba and Nevada counties at 1800 to 2500'.

California Brodiaea v. leptandra is a smaller plant from the inner Coast Range, and has dark violet perianth lobes, otherwise fairly similar. Seed is from Lake County.

Bulbs of either: $2.50 each. BOTH TYPERS SOLD OUT FOR 2013


B. coronaria

Common Name: Crown Brodiaea

Colors range from pale lavendar to dark purple, often with a darker midvein. Grows in thin grasslands and foothill woodlands of northern and central California in clayey or gvavelly soils. Prefers full or filtered sun. One of the later brodiaeas to bloom and widely adaptable. Grows from 6"-10" tall. Seed is from Tehama county.

Bulbs: $2.00 each. SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR 2013



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